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St.George Bank is an Australian bank with its headquarters in Sydney. Since a 2008 merger, the bank has been part of Westpac, having previously been an independent legal entity. In 2010, St.George was deregistered as a company and ceased to be a standalone authorised deposit-taking institution.

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    St George Bank Secured Personal Car Loans

    St George Bank has a secured car loan option with fixed interest rates from $3,000 up to $80,000. The car you offer to use as security must be registered in your name, no damage or previously written off, less than 12 years old or less at the end of the loan term and your car must be covered with full comprehensive car insurance when you access the loan.
    Their loan terms start at a minimum of 1 year up to a maximum of 7 years. They charge early repayment fees if you decide to repay your loan within the agreed loan term. Generally a good credit history will go a long way to getting approved quickly for a car loan through St George Bank.

    St George Bank Unsecured Personal Loans for a Car

    You can borrow from $2,000 to $50,000 without using an asset as security for the car loan. You can also potentially redraw on your loan amount if you at least $500 ahead on loan repayments and is subject to approval.
    You may want to use this loan to buy a new car, motorcycle, jet ski or caravan.

    Key St George Bank Loan Fees:

    $12 Monthly Loan Fee

    $195 Lending Establishment fee

    $150 Early repayment fee within 1st year

    $100 Early repayment fee after 1st year until loan term finishes

    As minimum terms are 1 year with a maximum option of 7 years. So talk to your bank or the team at Braid Finance about the best way to apply for a St George car loan  today.
    St George Bank Car Loans – Variable & fixed interest rates options available
    The below is a notice that is in fine print on the St George Bank Car Loan page.  Braid Finance will help to ensure you understand all the fine print when it comes to applying for your car loan through St George bank and other possible bank lenders.
    St George Bank Car Loan Notice: the first interest rate you see in your application may change once we’ve determined the value of your car. As well as our assessment of your credit history and the information provided in the application, you are more likely to be approved if you’ve been with St.George for six months or more. 

    St George Bank Refinancing Options

    St George Bank Car Loans Eligibility

    A great option to purchase a new car through St George Bank is using a secured car loan or unsecured car loan. If you have a good credit score this will be a relatively quick and easy process for you to complete. 
    If you have a bad credit history and are apply for a St George Bank Car Loan then a secured finance option is something to consider. There is less risk to the lender which can counter your bad credit history so this will work in your favor when it comes to applying for finance.
    If you are good with your money and have saved up a  small deposit for a car then this will also be a benefit to you. You might also be better considering an unsecured personal loan to purchase your new car. Different options will suit different financial situations this is why it is best to discuss this with the team at Braid Finance. Ensure that you disclose this details in your car finance application for best chances of approval. 
    The best way to find out is to contact Braid Finance and they will be happy to help free of charge.
    If you are looking for a secured St George Bank Car Loan there are number of things to consider before applying. What are the terms, what are the interest rates and what are your other finance options. The team at Braid Finance will be able to explain the fine print and what that means in your current financial situation.

    St George Bank Loan Calculators

    If you are looking to find out your potential loan repayments through St George Bank. Then take a look at their available loan repayment calculators, car loan calculator and borrowing power calculator. This is a great way to get an estimate of your monthly loan repayments and estimated costs across the term of your car loan.

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