5 Innovative Machinery Finance Solutions by Braid Finance

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Empowering Your Business with the Right Finance

Machinery finance, a key solution offered by Braid Finance, is an essential tool for business owners looking to upgrade or purchase new machinery. In today’s competitive business environment, possessing state-of-the-art machinery is not just an advantage; it’s a necessity for profitability and success. However, the financial implications of such acquisitions can be substantial, affecting working capital and stretching finances. This is where the versatile options of finance come into play, offering a lifeline for businesses to acquire the necessary equipment without undue financial strain.

Understanding the Various Machinery Finance Options

  1. Chattel Mortgage: This finance option involves a lender financing the machinery purchase, with the buyer gaining immediate ownership. The machinery serves as security against the loan, and upon completing the loan repayment, the buyer owns the machinery outright. Flexible repayment schedules and potential balloon payments make chattel mortgages a popular choice.

  2. Commercial Hire Purchase: Here, businesses hire machinery with fixed monthly repayments over an agreed period. The lender purchases the machinery and hires it to the business. After completing all payments, including interest, the business gains full ownership. This option also sometimes includes a balloon payment.

  3. Finance Lease: Tailored to match a business’s cash flow needs, a finance lease involves a financier (lessor) purchasing machinery and leasing it to the borrower (lessee). Payments are fixed monthly rentals, calculated considering various factors, excluding GST. At the end of the lease, the lessee has multiple options, including extending the lease, purchasing, or returning the machinery.

  4. Operating Lease: This option allows the use of machinery without transferring ownership. It’s similar to a finance lease but differs in that the equipment is returned to the lender at the end of the lease, with no option to purchase. An operating lease simplifies budgeting and provides cash flow certainty.

Why Choose Braid Finance

Braid Finance stands out as a preferred choice for machinery finance due to its customer-centric approach, flexible terms, and understanding of business needs. Whether it's upgrading to the latest technology or expanding your business's machinery inventory, Braid Finance's solutions are designed to support your business's growth and financial health.

In a business landscape where technology and machinery play pivotal roles, machinery finance is more than just a financial strategy; it’s a growth catalyst. Braid Finance, with its comprehensive finance options, positions itself as a key partner for businesses seeking to leverage the power of modern machinery without compromising their financial stability.


Machinery finance refers to various financial products designed to help businesses acquire machinery and equipment without paying the full cost upfront.

In a Chattel Mortgage, the lender provides funds for purchasing machinery, with the machinery acting as security for the loan. The borrower takes immediate ownership and pays off the loan over time.

A Commercial Hire Purchase is an arrangement where a business hires machinery from a lender with fixed repayments. Ownership is transferred to the business once all payments, including interest, are completed.

In a Finance Lease, the financier purchases machinery and leases it to a business. The business makes fixed monthly payments for the use of the equipment. At the end of the lease, there are options to extend the lease, purchase the equipment, or return it.

A Finance Lease is designed for businesses that might want to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease. An Operating Lease is more like renting, where the equipment is returned to the lender at the end of the lease term.

Machinery finance helps preserve working capital, offers tax benefits, allows for flexible payment options, and enables businesses to acquire the latest technology without a significant upfront investment.

A balloon payment is not mandatory in all machinery finance options, but it is a feature in Chattel Mortgages and Commercial Hire Purchases. It’s a larger final payment that can reduce regular repayment amounts.

Braid Finance offers tailored machinery finance solutions with flexible terms, understanding of business needs, and a customer-centric approach, making them an ideal choice for businesses looking to upgrade or acquire new machinery.

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